The Board

Our Board of Governors.

Mr. Henry Kabwe
Mr. Henry Kabwe
Board Chairperson
Mr. Marlon Phiri
Vice Chairperson
Mr. Robert Shula
Mr. Robert Shula
Board Secretary
Mr. Chisanga Mumba
Mr. Chisanga Mumba
Board Vice Secretary
Ms Namakau L. Mupeta
Ms. Nana Mpande
Legal Advisor
Ms. Christine Menda
Board Member (Chairperson- Skills and Tertiary Education)
Mr. Paul Zulu
Mr. Paul Zulu
Board Member (Chairperson Basic Education)
Ms. Rosina Kapilikisha
Ms. Rosina Kapilikisha
Board Member (Chairperson Early Childhood Care and Development Education)
Ms Gina Chiwela Mumba
Board Member (Chairperson Youth and Adult Literacy Education)
Matilda G. Chikopela Lista
Board Member (Chairperson Gender and Equity)
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