Membership List

This is the current list of ZANEC members:

1Action Africa Help InternationalAssociate Member Lusaka
2Advocacy for Child Justice(AJC)Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
3Archie Hinchcliffe Disability InterventionLusaka
4Association Cooperation Rural Africa (ACRA)Associate MemberChipata, Eastern Province
5Association of Sign Language Interpreters in Zambia(ASLIZ)Ordinary Member NETWORK-NGOLusaka
6Basic Education Teacher Union of ZambiaOrdinary Member TRADE UNIONLusaka
7Boy Empowerment Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
8Baruthi Education Care and Support Ordinary Member NGOMukushi, Central Province
9Buumbalambo Foundation For Children in Need Ordinary Member CBOKafue, Lusaka Province
10Bwafawano community school (individual community school)Associate MemberNGOLusaka
11Bwafwano integrated services organisationOrdinary Member CBOLusaka
12Campaign for Female Education in Zambia(CAMFED)Ordinary Member NGO INT'LLusaka
13Chikanta Community Schools Development Project (CCSDP)Ordinary MemberChoma, Southern Province
14Chimwemwe Organisation for Promotion of Childhood Rights Education and Development(COPCRED)Ordinary Member NGOChipata, Eastern Province
15Child Hope Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
16Childcare & Adoption Societyof Zambia Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
17Children Sentinel Trust ZambiaOrdinary Member NGOLusaka
18Church of God-Health, Gender and Social Services(COG HGSS)Ordinary Member FBOLusaka
19Community Based Intervention Association/AHDIOrdinary Member NGOLusaka
20Catholic Secretariat Ordinary Member FBOLusaka
21Community for Human DevelopmentOrdinary Member NGOLusaka
22Community Transformation(Comtra)Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
23Development Aid from People to People(DAPP)Ordinary Member NGO INT'LNdola, Copperbelt
24Devine Community School Asociate MemberIndividual School
25Development Organisation for People's Epowerment(DOPE)Ordinary Member CBOMpika, Muchinga Province
26Education Without Boundaries (EWB)Associate MemberNGO INT'LLusaka
27Edusport FoundationOrdinary Member NGOLusaka
28Forum for Africa Women Educationalist Zambia(FAWEZA)Ordinary Member NETWORK(NGO)Lusaka
29Harvest Pentecostal Church Ordinary Member FBOChilanga, Lusaka Province
30HIV/AIDS Technical Support Foundation(HASTFO) Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
31Hope for Africa Ordinary Member INT'L ORGLusaka
32Impact Network ZambiaAssociate MemberKatete, Eastern Province
33Innovations for Poverty Action - ZambiaAssociate MemberLusaka
34Junior Achievement Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
35Kafue Gospel Singers Community Development OrgOrdinary Member CBOKafue, Lusaka Province
36Madaliso Widows Orphans and Vulnerable Children GroupOrdinary MemberChipata, Eastern Province
37Mansa District Women's AssociationOrdinary MemberMansa, Luapula Province
38Media Network for child rights and Development developmentOrdinary Member NETWORK-NGOLusaka
39Mulumbo ECCDEOrdinary Member NGOLusaka
40Natioanal Action for Quality Education in Zambia(NAQEZ)Ordinary Member NGO Lusaka
41National Youth Development Council(NYDC)Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
42National Social Development Initiative CareOrdinary Member NGOLusaka
43Peoples Action Forum(PAF)Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
44Peri-Urban & Rural Women Enterprise Education and Development(PURWED)Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
45Promoting Equity in African Schools(PEAS)Associate MemberINT'L ORGNdola, Copperbelt
46Professional Adult Education Assocation of Zambia Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
47Rural Childrens Hope Ordinary Member CBOSinda, Eastern Province
48Reformed Open Community Schools(ROCS)Ordinary Member NETWORKLusaka
49Restless International DevelopmentAssociate MemberINT'L ORGKabwe Central Province
50Save Environment and People AgencyOrdinary Member CBOZambezi North -Western
51Secondary Education Teachers Union of ZambiaOrdinary Member TRADE UNIONLusaka
52Sport Aid Development Trust (Sport Aid)Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
53Seed For Change Foundation Ordinary Member NGO Kitwe, Copperbelt
54Sight savers internationalAssociate MemberINT'L ORGLusaka
55Tikondane community centreOrdinary Member CBOKatete, Eastern
56Virgins and Male Circumcision of ZambiaOrdinary Member NGOLusaka
57Volunteer Welfare for Community Based Care in Zambia(VOWAZA)Ordinary Member NGOLusaka
58Women's Care for Vulnerable PersonsOrdinary MemberMansa, Luapula Province
59Workers Education Association of Zambia(WEAZ)Ordinary Member NETWORK-NGOKitwe, Copperbelt
60Young Men Christian Association(YMCA)Ordinary Member NETWORK(NGO)Lusaka
61Zambia Civic Education AssociationOrdinary Member NGOLusaka
62Zambia Education Development Advocacy Organisation(ZEDAO)Ordinary Member NGOMufulira, Copperbelt
63Zambia National Union of TeachersOrdinary Member TRADE UNIONLusaka
64Zambia National Student Union Ordinary Member STUDENT UNION Kabwe, Central Province
65Zambia Open Community SchoolsOrdinary Member NETWORK-NGOLusaka
66Zambia Pre-school Association Ordinary Member NETWORK-NGOLusaka
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